Did you know that Hamilton residents send about 24,000 tonnes of rubbish to the landfill every year?

oliveoil2Fight the Landfill is about us, the Recyclables, making you aware of just how much this city is wasting and how much we need rescuing. You might be shocked at how much money you’re wasting by biffing stuff that’s valuable.

Fight the Landfill is about you joining with us to fight the Maxs. Meet these two characters under Rubbish. Take us out of those two stinking old bags and put us into your recycling bins. Those two are not going to take over this city!

Fight the Landfill is not about making you a “greenie” (well, ok, just a little bit). It’s about getting you to “think”. Think before you biff away packaging, clothing, household stuff and things which could be re used, recycled and remade into new products.

And don’t get me started about the mountain of food that gets biffed – there’s so much more we can do around composting and reducing waste in the first place. See more under Food Waste.

Remember, as a glass bottle, I’m 100% recyclable.

Fight the Landfill is Hamilton City Council’s waste minimisation brand and householder and community education programme. The programme aims to inform the city about the impact of what you put out on the kerb each week and how it’s affecting our environment.

You’re already doing a great job. The Recyclables are just shocked to see how many of their mates are still going to landfill instead of having a chance to be recycled.

This education programme is being funded by the Government’s Waste Levy.

The Recyclables’ second Rule of Combat