How can we reduce and recycle at School?

Introducing waste education into your school, kindy or early learning centre is a great way to encourage creativity, connectivity and actively develop the values, knowledge and competencies that will enable our kids to live full and satisfying lives whilst instilling a culture of environmental responsibility.

Learning about waste has meaning for students

A great start is for students to consider some questions:

  • What is waste?
  • Where do we see waste?
  • What waste do I make?
  • Where do we put our classroom waste?
  • Who empties the class rubbish bin?
  • Where does it go?
  • What is a recycling bin?
  • Where does it go?
  • What does the waste hierarchy mean?

Think about these ideas:

  • Reducing waste at lunch.
  • Packing a waste-free lunch.
  • Reducing paper in the classroom and the school building.
  • Conducting a waste audit.
  • Host a ‘bring and buy’ sale as a fundraiser.
  • Get composting or worm farming!
Waste hierarchy

The Ministry of Education has a great webpage on a few steps that you can take – check it out here.

Here are some other really useful links:

Xtreme Zero Waste

Community Recycling Network (CRN)