Minimising Hamilton’s waste, what’s your vision?

Hamilton City Council’s proposed plan to manage and reduce the rubbish and recycling in the city will be open for public feedback from Monday 9 October.

Hamiltonians have until Sunday 19 November to have their say on the 2018-2024 Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (Waste Plan).

The Council’s Waste Minimisation Advisor Charlotte Catmur says we all generate rubbish and recycling through our daily activities, at home, at work and out and about, and we should all have a say in what happens to our rubbish and recycling.

“We’re required, by law, to review and update our plan by April 2018, which is why now is the best time for Hamiltonians to tell us what they want to achieve in the short- and medium-term to minimise waste in Hamilton.”


"We received some great feedback on the bins or bags consultation last year and the results from that consultation are currently being reviewed. The biggest difference is the Waste Plan sets the direction for waste minimisation as a whole, not just for household collection," says Ms Catmur.

The draft Waste Plan sets per capita targets, and by 2024 the Waste Plan proposes to have a 5% reduction in rubbish to landfill, an increase in diversion of material from landfill by 10%, a 10% reduction in kerbside collection rubbish to landfill and a 10% increase in kerbside recycling.

Chair of the Waste Taskforce Cr Mark Bunting says he’s really excited about the opportunity for Hamilton to become very progressive in how we manage our waste.

"As a Council we shouldn't be setting rules and wagging our fingers at people, nagging them into doing the right thing. We should be as encouraging as we can and provide systems and incentives that make it easy for the community to reduce, recycle and reuse."

"I am absolutely convinced the community want to do the right thing. It's up to us to do our bit and make it as easy as possible. We have the right staff, the right plan, the right attitude and the right community. We will get the right result,” says Cr Bunting.

To support the Waste Plan, Hamiltonians have the chance to apply for the Waste Minimisation Contestable Fund. The Fund is available to support waste minimisation projects to encourage community participation, education and/or benefit Hamiltonians by leading to long-term waste minimisation action and behaviour change.

The Fund is open to community groups, businesses, Iwi/Maaori organisations, educational institutions and other community-based organisations operating within Hamilton or whose aims and outcomes are for the benefit of the Hamilton community.

The Fund has $50,000 available to distribute annually, with one funding round per year. Applicants can apply for standard funding between $1000 and $5000 or for special projects funding between $5000 and $15,000.

Copies of the draft Waste Plan, Statement of Proposal and more information on the Fund are available on Fight the Landfill - see links in the banner below.