Who needs a licence?


As required by the Hamilton City Solid Waste Bylaw 2012, the licensing system covers:

  • Waste collectors; and
  • Waste operators.


Waste Collectors – all persons who collect and transport waste within the City must obtain a licence from council if they collect and transport:

  1. waste at a frequency which is greater than 40 times per annum, or
  2. more than 20 tonnes of waste in any 12 month period.




  1. include commercial and non-commercial collectors and transporters of waste (for example, community groups and not-for-profit organisations); but
  2. does not include individuals who collect and transport waste for personal reasons (for example, a person taking household garden waste to a landfill).


Waste Operators – operators of a Waste Management Facility. Waste management facilities include sites or units engaged in the treatment or disposal of solid waste (including hazardous waste). For example operating landfills, combustors, incinerators, composting sites and other treatment facilities (except sewage treatment facilities), waste transfer stations and materials recovery and sorting services.


If your organisation or business meets the definition above for solid waste collector and/or for waste operator, then you need to apply for a license. If any organisations or businesses continue to operate without a license, the Council has the ability to take action against them under the Solid Waste Bylaw 2012.

I’m not sure if I need a license. How do I find out?


If you have read this information, and are still not sure if you need a license or not, then you can contact the council by email solidwastelicensing@hcc.govt.nz or phone 07 838 6699