Love food, hate waste

In Hamilton, kitchen food waste makes up about 37% percent of what is put into rubbish bags at kerbside each week? That’s a big whack of food and a big whack of money being biffed out.

How do we know this? In 2013 the Council employed an independent auditor, Waste Not Consulting to open up, sample and sort through a representative sample of Council rubbish bags from kerbside.




Fight the Landfill and Hamilton City Council and has joined 60 other councils around New Zealand to the Love Food, Hate Waste NZ campaign. The campaign aims to bring the problem of household food waste out into the open and provide information to help Kiwis cut the waste. It highlights the importance of planning food purchases and meals, being smart about food storage and being creative with leftovers.

The campaign is based on research that included surveying 1,365 New Zealanders, examining the contents of 1,402 household rubbish bins and giving 100 families diaries to record food disposal for a week.

Findings include:

  • It is estimated Kiwis spend $872 million a year on food that then gets thrown away uneaten
  • We throw away over 122,547 tonnes of food a year – enough to feed around 262,917 people, or the population of the Bay of Plenty for 12 months
  • Bread, fruit and vegies, and meal leftovers are the most commonly discarded foods. The equivalent of 20 million loaves of bread is thrown into rubbish bins uneaten every year
  • The average household sends around 79 kg of edible food to landfills every year
  • Avoidable food waste costs the average household $563 a year

You can support the Love Food, Hate Waste NZ campaign by sharing tips and recipes to to minimise food waste and to promote events around the country.

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