Licence Conditions


The Hamilton City Solid Waste Bylaw 2012 outlines the conditions upon which a licence may be granted. These include:


Term – A license may be granted for a term of up to five (5) years together with a right of renewal for a maximum of five (5) further years.


Fee – The licence fee must be paid annually in the amount determined by the Council once a year and publicly notified. The current fee for a license is $190 per annum, per licensee.


Bond – The licensee must post a bank guaranteed (or cash, at the licensee’s election) performance bond for an amount not exceeding $20,000 or such  amount as determined by the Council from time to time on an individual case by case basis and publicly notified. Applications are assessed on a case by case basis and in certain circumstances a bond may be waived.


Minimum performance standards – All licensed collectors and operators in Hamilton City must comply with our minimum performance standards.  These include:

  • Provision of information – the licensee must provide waste data to the Council during the term of the licence in such form and at such times as Council may reasonably require from time to time as to the quantity, source, destination and types of each waste collected and transported.
  • Collection of any litter spillage within 5 (five) metres of an approved container awaiting collection by the licensee and any litter spillage from the licensee’s vehicle during the collection, removal, transportation or disposal process.
  • Provision of waste collection services on such days and at such times as Council may from time to time nominate.
  • Provision of Approved Containers.


Any breach of the licence terms and conditions may result in the suspension or cancellation of a licence.