Collection days

Your rubbish and recycling is collected on the same day.

Check out the map below to see which day your rubbish and recycling is collected.

Public holidays

Rubbish and recycling collections will generally be one day later than usual after public holidays.

For example, after Queens Birthday weekend, if you usually have your rubbish collected on a Monday it will be picked up on Tuesday, and so on, with usual Friday collections picked up on Saturday.

Reminders are advertised in local newspapers and City News, posted on our website and on the Council’s Facebook page.

On rare occasions collections may differ when dual holidays fall in the collection cycle (some Christmas and New Year periods) but these will be notified well in advance.

Note: There is no household rubbish and recycling collection in the CBD. If you live in the CBD talk with your building manager or Body Corporate about your rubbish and recycling options.

The map gives a colour coded overview of our rubbish collection areas. Use the tools to zoom in and out and click on your area to bring a close-up of your street to see the collection day. Click on the map legend (top left of map) to see the colour codes for collection days.

View a printable version of the map (PDF, 2.68MB) that shows highlighted areas where collection days have changed.

NB: Users of iOS 8 devices may notice some features of the web map application are not functioning correctly. We are aware of this and are working toward a fix. View the issues document (PDF, 89KB).